Thadeu Luz
Hi there!
I'm a fast-learning and pragmatic entrepreneur, data scientist and full-stack engineer with a background in VFX and Architecture. In early 2018 I have joined the Google Developers Experts program as a Firebase Expert.
I'm CPO and founder of Hand Talk, an internationally decorated company that produces automatic sign language interpretation. Being able to quickly pick up new skills and to adapt to different tasks goes very well with my role as a startup founder. My work usually consists of solving our hardest technological or business challenge at the time or enabling and helping others to do so. In the past they’ve included: 3D character design and animation; animation pipeline wrangler, server code and cloud infrastructure, mobile and web app development; and more recently data science and machine learning engineering. My soft skills include team management, raising money, pitching, analytics and BI expertise and whatever is required of a startup founder.
I have always been very passionate about arts and technology. I love to spend time putting things together with a purpose. I also find pleasure on understanding the various techniques and tools of how to create or solve problems, as well as explaining them to other people. I believe that more important than acquiring these skills is to keep the correct motivation when using them and really trying to understand the impact they'll have in the world. As such, I try my best to use what I have learned to make the world a nicer and more inclusive place (or at least a little easier to live in). I'm based in Maceió, Brazil. 🏖
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